New Hanover County Deed Abstracts




October 1998

Reseaching: CORBITT, DEVANE, GODWIN, WILSON, MCKEITHAN and related families.

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In reviewing old documents which are faded and sometimes very difficult to read the following Selected Abstracts are this researcher's interpretations. I have tried to be as accurate as possibly. If you should find any deed which you feel contains a line you are researching I strongly recommend obtaining a copy of the original document to verify its contents.


MAY 5, 1735 Richard PRICE of Cape Fear River to William DRY of SC. 35 lbs. 1/2 A N 120 W side of Cape Fear River formerly belong to & purchased by me of Edward JONES...Wit: R. MOORE, G. MOORE. P.2

JAN 2, 1735/6 Warren BALDWIN of Bath Co., planter to Hugh CAMPBELL of Bath, merchant. 180 lbs. 100 A lying in Bath Co...eastward on land of Jos. WATTERS..being commonly known by name of the White Marsh...Wit: John RICHARDSON, Edwd. LEACH. P.74

OCT 13, 1735. Anthy. WOODHOUSE of Co. of New London, CT mariner to Michael HIGGINS of New Hanover, tavern true & lawful atty...Wit: J. DEVENPORT, Wm. LORD P.80

SEPT 1, 1737 Michael HIGGINS to Thos. CLARK...Wit: Armand DEROSSET M.D., Alexrd. LOGAN P.87

OCT 12, 1737 Jno. NICOLL, City of NY physician app't Roger MOORE of CapeFear, Esq...atty..Wit: J.D. BOIS, Robt. SHEDDEN P.113

JUNE 1731. A deed of sale for 590 A lying on NE Branch of Cape Fear River in New Hanover from Anthony GREEN to John MARSHALL was proved by the oath of Rush WATTS & Charles HARRISON P.117

MARCH 1, 1736 John DUBOIS late of Prov. of NY mariner to John PORTER of Cape Fear River. 100 lbs. One water lot being in Newton on E side of NE River of Cape Fear..Lot #143 in Town of Newton..1/2 acre..Wit: Cors. HARNETT, M. HOLTT P.189

JUNE 13, 1732 John PORTER of Bath Co to Rush WATTS for James WATTS of City of Lisbon in Kingdom of Portugal, merchant...960 A...(2 deeds) P.255-260

OCT 19, 1739. James WIMBLE to Wm. LORD, planter. 30 lbs. 6 lotts cont. 1/2 acre each in Town of Newton #'s 34, 39, 44, 49, 54, 59. On E side of Cape Fear River...Wit: Richard RANDALL, Nicholas FOX P. 283

DEC 14, 1739 Thomas DEVANS of New Hanover to Robert HALTON. 400 A..Wit: John G. SQUIRE, John AUSTIN P.399-400

JUNE 10, 1741. William DRY JR of Brunswick, New Hanover Co. merchant to Donald MCKICHAN of same, taylor. 5 shillings. 1/4 A or 1/2 lott on Cape Fear River Lot #120...Wm. DRY JR whom my father Wm. DRY dec'd purchased by deed May 6, 1735. Wit: Jno. MARSHALL, Richard HILLIER P. 439-440

JAN 6, 1740 Donald MCKICHAN, taylor & Wm. MCFARLINE Smith of Bladen to Archibald MCKISACKS. P.452


**NOTE: "Book begins P.88. 87 pages cannot be found in Registers Office"

SEPT 23, 1742. Robert COLLEY of New Hanover Co. planter to Henry LINSCOM of City of Cork, Ireland barber. 100 lbs. NW side of NW River in the fork between Livingston Creek & Vaughans Creek...Hugh BLANINGS corner..640 tract granted to Wm. LORD Feb 20 ninth year of reign of King George 2nd and by sd Wm. LORD & Margaret his wife dated April 8, 1742 assigned to Robert COLLEY..Wit: Ar. HAMILTON, Ralph MILLER, George MOORE. Elizabeth wife of Robert relinquished right of dower. P. 2

JAN 2, 1743. Will of John WATSON, planter being in low state of son John...sons, Joseph & son dtr.'t my wife Sarah & son John Executors..Wit: Archd. NICHOLLS, Jos. JONES, Fran VEAL. Proved March Court 1743. P.13

DEC 26, 1743. Will of William WHITE, millwright being sick & son loving wife to be equally divided amongst children (not named). App't my wife Marget WHITE, George WHITE & William WHITE sons to be exec..Wit: John GOODALE, Michl. HIGGINS. Proved March Court 1743 P.15

JAN 19, 1743. James SMALLWOOD of Wilmington, Gent to Donal MCKICHEN of Brunswick, taylor. 325 lbs. Part of a lot in Town of Wilmington #3 in town plan containing 65' front on Market St bounded to the westward by James PURRINGTON & Eastwardly by Dr. Benj. BURLEIGH running back 66' to Mr. NORTON line which sd lot was purchased by Mary GALLANT from Michl. HIGGINS & reg. in New Hanover Co. Book A folio 302 and by sd Jas. SMALLWOOD from sd Mary GALLANT & also in Bk B folio 276..Wit: John GOODALE, John STOCKLEY P.17

Will of William MCFARLAND dear fiends Jn. MCCAUSIEN, Danl MCRICHANE, Fras. VEALE to be my dear father be sole heir of all my estate whatsoever..Wit: Will. WIGGINS, Morgan MORGAN, Alexr. MCRICKAN. Proved June 26, 1744 P.20

DEC 18, 1743 Will of William RIGBY of Wilmington, mariner being weak in body.. my land at Long Creek bought from Thos. EVANS & lot in Wilmington where my house stands & 50 A bought from Francis VEALE at Lockwoods Folly & 640 A now lying up Black River in Bladen Co. & all the remander of my personal estate to be equally divided into 3 my brother John my mother Margery RIGBY and other remaining 1/3 to Alice brother in law Rufus MARSDEN my sole executor...Wit: James SMALLWOOD, Thos. FINNEY, Jos. GARY. Proved June Court 1744 P.26

MAY 29, 1744. Will of Nicholas FOX. To Susannah PORTEVINT daughter of Samuel PORTIVINT dec' Stephen son of Ruth't my loving friends Ruth PORTIVINT and James SMALLWOOD exec...Wit: Benj. BURLEIGH, John CAMPBELL, Joshua GRAINGER. Proved June Court 1744 P.26

Will of George BISHOP JR. of Onslow Co., NC loving brother Stoakley sister Betty cousin Bishop cousin Hester brother James brother Woodman Stoakley cousin Comfort LEDBURY.. my cousin Moses Jane Morgan MORGAN dear mother Elizabeth't my dear father George BISHOP sole exec...Wit: Rice PRICE, Morgan MORGAN, James SMALLWOOD. Proved Sept Court 1744 P.35-6

AUG 28, 1744. Hugh BLENING to Marg. HIGGIN. 5 lbs..1/2 of front lof of land cont. 1/4 A...south side of Dock Street in Town called Wilmington # 51 & 52 lying on East side of Cape Fear River..Wit: Archibald MCKICHAN, Nat'l. MCNEILL P.36-7

AUG 2, 1744 Will of Thomas MORRIS of New Hanover, eldest son, Thomas if living 10 lbs.. my son William... my grandson Thomas MORRIS son of William son grandson Charles MORRIS son of Solomon son James't my sons William, Solomon and James exec...Wit: Chalres HARRISON, Thos. STEERS, Susannah X NICHOLS. Proved Dec Court 1744 P.43

AUG 2, 1744 John PIDCOCK of New Hanover Co planter & Mary his wife to Jonathan THOMAS of same. 100 lbs. 320 A granted to sd John PIDCOCK Feb 11, 1737...small branch that runs into Rockfish Creek...Wit: Wm. EDWARDS, John STUBBS P.44-5

JUNE 9, 1744 Eleazer ALLEN of New Hanover Co Esq to John DAVIS of same, planter. 500 lbs. 750 A...on ye head of Old Town Creek..Wit: Robert HALTON, Thos. SMITH P.49-50

FEB 14, 1744 Will of John BENSON of New Hanover Co. being sick & weak of wife Ede son three children viz: James, Mary & Elizabeth...App't Francis ROAD and John POTTER exec..Wit: Willm. LEWIS, John ROBINSON, John POTTER. Signed John (B) BENSON (bhm) Proved March Court 1744 P.64

MARCH 24, 1743. Archibald HAMILTON of Cape Fear in NC atty at law to Roger MOORE of same, Esq...5000 lbs...1000 New Hanover Co. being part of that part of NC formerly called Bath Co in Town Creek on W side of Cape Fear River...Wit: Geo. LOGAN, John JEANE P.68-9

MARCH 6, 1745 I, Burgess WHITE late of Prince George Co. in Maryland but now residing in NC...that on my marriage to Ann DALLISSON, widow of New Hanover Co..Wit: James MOIR, Jos. WATTERS, Hellen MURRAY P.71

AUG 14, 1744 South Carolina. Whereas Thomas SMITH late one of the Land Graves of SC dec'd..was in his possession a certain plantation or tract of land containing 810 A lying in NC on ___ side of Cape Fear River & commonly called the Cape Island which is fully described by grant dated May 8, 1713 and whereas Thomas SMITH by his last will & testament duly made and executed on the __ day of May 1738....did devise and bequeath unto his four sons, Henry SMITH, Thomas SMITH, George SMITH and Benj. SMITH the aforesd plantation of 810 A...of his Cedar Island at mough of Cape Fear River being in the North side of the Will did appt his beloved wife Mary SMITH exec. and also guardian of sd sons...(Will Rec. in Sec'tys office in Province of SC) know ye that I sd Mary SMITH widow of sd Thomas and as executrix of ye sd Thomas SMITH my late husband...appt Henry HYRNE of NC atty for me in my enter into and take possion and divide to ye sd Henry, Thomas, George & Benjamin SMITH...Wit: Henry HYRNE, Geo. HYRNE, Jas. ELDERTON P.77-8

JUNE 20, 1745 Richard MULLINGTON of Bladen Pct., NC planter to Roger MOORE. 300 lbs. 2 1/2 A of land # 20 & 21 on West side of Cape Fear River...Wit: Peter SIMONS, Richard HELLIUR. P.80

NOV 18, 1740 Will of James POLLARD of Long Creek, New Hanover Co, wife Ann't wife Ann sole exec...Wit: Thomas HODGES, Joshua GRANGER JR, Rufus MARSDEN. Codicil Nov 21, 1740...all such wordly Estate as it shall please God my wife & Executrix to my Last Will & Testament ___ mentioned to possess her with at the time of her departure on this Earth to resign up to Thomas DEVANE & Margaret his wife of the place afsd for I the subscribers use and do also make Thomas & Margaret my Exec. of this Codicil after the death of my wife within mentioned....Wit: Rufus MARSDON, Alice MARSDON, John SMITHERS.

Proved Nov 5, 1745. P.83

MARCH 13, 1739-40 Will of Joseph JOHNSON...give & bequeath to David MORGAN now living on Long Creek up ye NE branch of Cape Fear River, planter and by trade a taylor..everything...App't David MORGAN sole Exec...Wit; Danl. DUNBIBAN, Will. RIGBY, Rufus MARSDEN. Proved Sept Court 1745 P. 83

MAY 17, 1742 I, Maurice MOORE of New Hanover Co. out of my fatherly affection I do bear to my daughter, Ann my decease slaves...further be it known yt as I did by my last will and Testament bearing date the 10th my two sons, Maurice and my daughter Margaret JONES...Wit: Margaret VAIL, Jer. VAIL, Fr. SURCAN P.89-90

DEC 10, 1745 Will of Willian DOWNER of Brunswick in New Hanover Co being very't Capt. Hugh BLENING and Capt. Richard QUINCE of Town of Brunswick Mr. William WYNN of Old gate in City of London and his wife Ruth Benj. LANDWELL and his wife Mary living near Executin Dock in Wapping London Perry wig maker...Wit: Hugh MCKAY, Ralph BURGUOIN, Thos CAMPBELL. Proved March Court 1745 P. 92

MARCH 1, 1745 John MACKENZIE of Charles Town, SC app't Francis DAVIS and William MCKENZIE of NC merchants my true and lawful atty...Wit: William DRY, Isaac WALDRON P. 98

MAY 24, 1746. Isaac THEBOW of Island of Antigua, planter, James DOIG of same Island merchant Exec. of Last Will & Testament of Jacob THEBOW dec'd and Duncan MCDOUGAL of sd Island shopkeeper app't Capt. William LITHGOW merchant in Cape Fear our lawful receover any part thereof aganst the sd Archibald DOUGLASS...Wit: Rufus MARSDEN, Thos. CORBET P.109

NOV 19, 1745 James FERGUS of Cape Fear River surgeon to William LORD of same Innholder. 50 lbs. One acre of land #125 & 126 on W side of Cape Fear River..Wit: William DRY, Cornelius HARNETT P.114

SEPT 10, 1746 George LOGAN of New Hanover Co. Gent to Roger MOORE Esq of same. 500 lbs...50000 A in Bladen Co formerly Bath Co near the Haw & Ew fields and joining on the late lands of Edward MOSELEY and George POLLACK...sold to Geo. LOGAN May 24, 1746...Wit: Robt. WALKER, Rufus MARSDEN P.115

JULY 3, 1746. Jasper COX of New Hanover Co. to James RATCLIFF of same. 112 lb.s 100 A...NE branch of Cape Fear River being part of tract of land sd Jasper COX once sold ___ OUTLAW...Wit: Henry HOLLINGSWORTH, Jos. WILSON, Jas. MURRAY P.116-7

MAY 2, 1746. Donald MCKICHIAN of Bladen taylor to Alex. MCKICHAN taylor both of New Hanover Co. 5 lb.s 1/4 A of land with good dwelling house kitchen & garden Brunswick on Cape Fear River...dist. in Plan of sd Town of Brunswick being # 120 which I first purchased by Edward JONES from Co. Maurice MOORE Jan 13, 1730 and by Edward JONES sold to Richd. RICE bricklayer from whom Capt. William DRY dec'd purchased 6 ___ 1735 and sd land after deceased of sd. Capt. William DRY falling to his son William DRY merchant of Brunswick from whom sd land again was purchased by aforesd Donald June 10, 1741 Book B folio 305..Wit: John CAMPBELL, Duncan MCCOALSKEY P.121

FEB 10, 1746 Will of Robert WALKER merchant being weak & low in my sister C___ WALKER 10 lbs to be paid in Naval Stores or Deer Skins to defray the charge of her passage to wife sons William Montgomery WALKER, John WALKER, Robert WALKER and James daughters Margart WALKER and Ann WALKER...Wit: James MOIR, Thos. ARMSTRONG, Francis DAVIS. Proved March 11, 1746 P.123

MARCH 11, 1746. Will of John MUSGROVE of New Hanover Co., equally divided between my wife Mary, John MUSGROVE, Catherine MUSGROVE, Gibbs MUSGROVE my beloved't my wife Mary and John DAVIS and Jehu DAVIS exec...Wit: John MOORE, William DAVIS, John POTTER Proved June 1747 P.127

New Hanover Co. At a Court held for the sd County on the Second Tuesday at Wilmington in Sept. in the year 1747 Present Mathew ROWAN, Edwd. HYRNE, William MCREE, John SAMPSON & William ROSS Esqrs. Justices Personally appeard John ELLIS mariner and made oath on the Holy Evangelist that being shipt on board the John & William, Thos. CORBET master on a certain voyage from Cape Fear to the Port of Bristol in Old England sailed the 21st of June 1747 last part for the said port of Bristol and on the day following very early in the morning a little after sun rising William HOW a mariner on board the sd vessel went up alotf & saw __ vessel but one to Leward making all the said she could but some time after discovered a vessel to windward and a Barge on head of us & came up with us in three or four hours time the Barge & Sloop both fired at us and took us, that is the Brigantine John & William Thomas CORBET master; The name of the Spanish ___ as this deponent was informed was St. Gabriel the Conqueror; the Captains name this Deponent knows not but after seven weeks or thereabouts was Retaken by a Row Galley & Schooner, the former belonging South Carolina & the latter to St. Simons, to which last place this deponent was carried and the depondent ___ saith that ye Spaniard immediately after the taking of the sd Brigantine John & William on the very first day after dispatched the sd Brig. for Hispaniola as he was informed since which time this depondent ___ hand any more of the sd Brigantine and that the sd Brigantine John & William was the property of Rufus MARSDEN & no one else as this depondent was informed. Signed John ELLIS. Wit: Matthew ROWAN, Edwd. HYRNE, John SAMPSON, William ROSS. P.133

JUNE 5, 1747 Francis THOMAS of New Hanover Co. & Joanah to Duncan COWIN of same planter. 550 lbs. 320 A..S side of Shallote River where sd Duncan COWIN now lives..Wit: R. MOORE, William DAY P.136

JULY 8, 1747 William NICHOLS of New Hanover Co. planter to William MORRIS of same planter. 5 shillings. 110 A beg at a pine on New Topsail the line of the survey of Thomas NIXON'S land..Signed William NICHOLS & Fran NICHOLS. Wit: Henry BISHOP, William SWANN P.140

DEC 11, 1746 Joshua GRAINGER of Wilmington, New Hanover Co. carpenter & Catherine his wife to James ORAM of same, carpenter. 100 lbs. Lot of land in Town of Wilmington cont. 24' front on ye N side of Market St...where ye sd GRAINGER used to live the property now belonging to Caleb GRAINGER & Eastward by part of sd lot belonging to Jos. PRICE...Wit: Simon PLAYER, Elizabeth GRAINGER P.156

JAN 22, 1747 James FERGUS of Brunswick in New Hanover Co & Ann his wife to William LORD of same. 30 lbs..1/2 tract of land cont. 640 A E side of Cape Fear River abt 4 miles from Brunswick in New Hanover Co joining land formerly belonging to John PORTER dec'd and southward on land formerly belonging unto Col. Maurice MOORE dec'd..Wit: Thomas JAMES, Jonathan SWAINE P.161-2

SEPT 4, 1747 Jonathan THOMAS of New Hanover Co., planter to William EDWARDS of same. 100 lbs. 320 A granted by patent to John PIDCOCK bearing date Feb 11, 1737..small branch that runs into Rockfish Creek..Wit: David MORGAN, Alexr. MCKICHAN P.162-3

MAY 13, 1748 John MAULSBY of New Hanover Co., planter to William DRY Esq of same. 50 lbs. 320 A..west side of the road leading from Wilmington to Brunswick..Wit: Ja. CAMPBELL, James SMALLWOOD P.164-5

AUG 29, 1747 Will of Nicholas brother Messr. AMATIS merchant at Turin in Pedmount 300 A on ye NW Branch of Cape Fear River in Bladen Co. everything to be sold to pay my debts remitted by my Exec. after mentioned to Mr. John BLACQUIER merchant in London for my afsd brothers proper use..Appt John SAMPSON & Lewis DEROSSET Exec..Wit: Ja. CAMPBELL, Armond DEROSSET, Moses Jno. DEROSSET Proved Sept Court 1747 P. 170-1

JAN 5, 1747 Will of Benjamin ORAM of Wilmington, New Hanover Co. being sick in son son James...App't my son James ORAM exec..Wit: Rufus MARSDEN, Timothy BLOODWORTH, Thomas JAMES, Richard HILLIAR. Proved March Court 1747 P.171

SEPT 14, 1747 Will of John MCCAUSLEN of Cape Fear, housecarpenter being very weak in loving wife Isbell...20 lbs to be paid my dear mother at the recovery of Col. Robert HALTON'S trial now depending at law, if she be my brother William MCNEILL a parcel of land lying on White Marsh cont. 100 will & pleasure Patrick CAMPBELL my loving cousin...appt my wife Isbell MCCAUSLEN & my loving friend Magnus COWEN & John CAMPBELL exec..Wit: Natl. HOLLAND, John ROBERTSON. Prov Dec Court 1747 P.171-2

AUG 5, 1747. Will of Phillip DAVID of Wilmington, New Hanover Co. carpenter being weak & low in son David DAVID all that tract of land on NE River whereon he now my beloved daughter Mary MCKEITHAN..appt my son David DAVID & good friend Jas. SMALLWOOD Exec...Wit: William HARRISON, Charlott SMALLWOOD, Jos. JONES. Prov Dec Court 1747 P.172

AUG 7, 1747 Will of James JOHN of the Welsh Tract in Co. of New Hanover beloved wife Hannah son Phillip JOHN & his children 5 shillings each current money of eldest dtr. Rachel youngest daughter Ruth JOHN & unto her eldest son Stephen son Natl JOHN a tract of land in Charles Town in PA containing 320 A I purchased of Griffith JOHN...App't my wife Hannah and my loving son Nathl. JOHN exec..Wit: Josiah THOMAS, William PORTER, John CUMMINS. Proved March Court 1747 P.172-3

JULY 28, 1748 Will of Francis VEALE of Wilmington being sick in beloved son William beloved daughter Ann my beloved dtr. Elizabeth VEALE the house belonging to me in Church Yard in Bridge Water Summersetshire...appt my good friends Francis DAVIS & Lewis DEROSSET exec..Wit: John DOUGHTY, James SMALLWOOD Proved Aug Court 1748 P.174-5

JULY 5, 1748. Will of William LORD of Brunswick in New Hanover Co. Tavern Keeper...divide amongst my loving wife Margaret and my six children: Peter, William, Mary, Margaret, Amelia & be delivered by my exec. at time of my eldest son arrival at age 21 years...appt my loving wife Margaret LORD Exec...Wit: Richd. QUINCE, William ROSS, Jeo. NICHOLAS. Recorded Sept 20, 1748 P. 176

May 25, 1748 John WRIGHT of Brunswick, New Hanover Co. merchant & Ann his wife to William LORD of Brunswick Tavern Keeper..whereas Maurice MOORE of Cape Fear River in ye Prov. afsd in his lifetime, that is to say on or abt the 23 of April 1734 by his certain deed pole bearing the day & date aforesd...1/2 A lying on W side of Cape Fear River...laid out for a Town into 1/2 acres which 1/2 acre is a corner lot & #71 & joined by Natl. MOORES ground..Wit: Hugh MCKAY, Geo. NICHOLAS P. 180-1

MAY 5, 1733, I. George BURRINGTON Governor of NC for love & affection I bear unto Mrs. Mary BURRINGTON alias LANDS...2 tracts of land cont. 640 A each lying on Cape Fear River..1st tract orig. granted to Col. Maurice MOORE by patent dated 25 July 1724 & the other tract originally granted to John PORTER by patent June 14, 1725...Wit: Needham BRYAN, A. WILLIAMS P.182

JULY 25, 1748 Stephen HOLLINGSWORTH of New Hanover Co. for natural love & affection I bear unto my son James HOLLINGSWORTH...150 A being part of a tract of 600 A which I now live upon & the part where Thomas JONES now keeps stock & where there is a Chappel & great Spring...Wit: James RACTLIFF, Zabulon HOLLINGSWORTH, Mary x MILLNER P. 186

JULY 25, 1748. Stephen HOLLINGSWORTH to my beloved son Zabulon HOLLINGSWORTH

...150 A...lying upon a branch yt falls into Muddy Creek known by the name of Briery Branch..Wit: James (R) RACTLIFF (bhm), James HOLLINGSWORTH, Mary x MILLNER P. 186-7

MAY 30, 1747 Will of John my beloved wife, Ann...until my children are 18 yrs. old..appt my wife, my daughter Sarah & son Sam WRIGHT exec..Wit: John LYON, William VERNON, John MERRICK Recorded March 28, 1749 P.191

APRL 16, 1733. James WIMBLE of New Carthage Town in NC gent to John FIELD of Great Britain mariner. 24 lbs...front lot of land together with the front #28 & 70 situate on ye S side of Nuns Street in ye Town of Carthage lying & being on the E side of Cape Fear River..Wit: John DEVENPORT, William POWER P. 195-6

Another Copy of the Will of William LORD P.197

JUNE 29, 1749. Will of John DOUGHTY of Wilmington carpenter being sick & my loving wife, Marian DOUGHTY and her assigns forever..Wit: Thos. CUNNINGHAM, Joshua GRAINGER. Proved Aug 30, 1749 P.197

SEPT 13, 1749 William MCREE of New Hanover Co to Thomas FERNIGAN of same. 180 lbs. 200 A S side of Maple Creek then down Woodward Chase Creek..Wit: William MCREE JR, Robert MCREE, Susannah MCREE P. 227

MARCH 5, 1749 Will of Rufus MARSDEN of Town of Wilmington merchant, sick in body.. all my debts be paid & satisfied especially what money I owe Thomas MARSDEN of Lancaster Co. in that part of Great Britain called loving wife, three daughters Hannah, Alice & Peggy...and whereas my mother Hannah MARSDEN by her Last Will & Testament in writing bearing date 17th of December 1730 contained in her will did give full for her sd sons to make prov. for the wives of her sd sons that should after marry excepting the wives of her sons Thomas & Quartus MARSDEN as by my mothers last Will & Testament..appt my wife Alice Exec..Wit: Richard HELLIER, Samuel GREEN, Ithamar SINGLETARY. No Probate Date P. 233-4

NOV 28, 1749 Antoine DUBOSE & Rebecca his wife of New Hanover Co. to Thomas CORBETT of same planter. 10 lbs...lying on Long Creek in Co. aforesd..cont. 300 A on W side of Long Creek..Wit: David CORBETT, James POITIVINT P.235

AUG 21,1750 William MITCHELL of New Hanover Co. cordwainer to Thomas FINNEY of same Tavern Keeper..10 lbs. 85 A..beg large Gum Tree William SWANNS NE Corner..bought of Thomas COE...Wit: David CORBETT, Ricd. EARLE, Richd SCOTT P.241-2

OCT 16, 1749 Will of Jeremiah GRIFFITH of New Hanover Co. being weak in well beloved wife Mary a piece or parcel of land upon Whiterses Creek cont. 100 A joining Mr. Peter BATSONS Estate for the maintenance of her & her children forever..Wit: James GORDON, Thomas (B) BEASLEY (bhm), John AVIRETT P.248

DEC 1, 1748 Will of James SIDBURY of New Hanover Co being sick & wife Sarah 1/4 part of my three children: Moses, George & Comfort 3/4 of my sons have their estate as they attain the age of 21 yrs. & my dtr. at age 21 yrs...appt my loving brother, Woodman SIDBURY & my good friend Thomas BEASLEY Exec..Wit: Elizabeth BISHOP, Bet. DUDLEY. No Date of Probate. P. 248-9

AUG 1, 1751 Thomas CHILD of Wilmington Esq....appt James INNIS of sd. County Esq a member of his majesties Honorable Council of sd Province & Francis CORBIN of Edenton in Co. of Chowan, North Caroline one of the agents of the Right Hon. the Earl Granville for transacting his affairs within the province...Wit: Ricd. HELLIER P.270

JULY 7, 1751 Will of Henry PATTINSON in Wilmington being sick of loving wife Ann...Wit: Thomas NEWTON, John WALKER. No Probate Date P.271

MAY 17, 1751 Robert STANTON of New Hanover Co planter appt well beloved friend Alexander MACKEITHEN of Town of Wilmington, taylor my true & lawful atty..Wit: Thomas JAMES, Moses Jno. DEROSSET P. 274

MARCH 7, 1747/8 Will of Roger MOORE of Parish of St. Phillips, New Hanover son, son dtr Sarah SMITH...the legacy left her by her grand___... my dtr Mary MOORE...legacy left by her grand___ Mrs. Sarah FOOTT...& her Aunt Mrs. Sarah dtr Ann son in law Mr. Thomas SMITH lot of land in Town of Brunswick where Mr. William LORD at present wife Mary...appt sons George & William Exec...Wit: Wm. FORBES, Richard QUINCE, George LOGAN. No Probate Date. P.288-90

OCT 25, 1751 Will of William WATTERS of New Hanover Co planter being sick & son William WATTERS when he attains the age of 21 a tract of land I bought of Cornelius HARNETT dtr. Elizabeth WATTERS on day of her marriage or when she attains the age of 18 wife, brother, Joseph brother, Samuel sister Sarah sister Martha DALRYMPLE..appt my wife, Sarah, my brother Joseph WATTERS and the Hon. Matthew ROWAN my exec...Wit: John WATTERS, Ann HEDGES, Mary GRAINGER. CODICIL: My three younger brothers viz: Joseph WATTERS, John WATTERS & Samuel WATTERS...tracts of land left to them by my father Joseph WATTERS decd...will of my father Joseph WATTERS bearing date October 17, 1739..No Probate Date P.323-5

JAN 30, 1751 Will of Josiah THOMAS of New Hanover Co., my brothers, Hannaniah THOMAS & Azariah THOMAS one shilling cousin Jane Stephen dtr. Ann THOMAS...Appt my wife, Hannah THOMAS sole exec..Wit: Margam DEBOSE, Elizabeth CARTER P.326

OCT 13, 1751 Will of Elizabeth HOLT of Brunswick, New Hanover Co. being sick & loving dtr Rachel loving son Obediah grandson Cornelius HARNETT Junr in lieu of what I was to give to my dtr. Mary sons Martin & Ryves HOLT..Appt my son in law Cornelius HARNETT & my dtr. Rachel ELLERY Exec...Wit: Ann HELLIER, Hannah GREEN, James GREGORY. No Probate Date P. 328

DEC 13, 1751 Edward HYRNE of New Hanover Co sends greetings Whereas William CALVERT obtained a patent some time about the year 1729 for 640 A on a creek opposite to the mouth of Shallot River in New Hanover Co. joining to the eastward on Lewis JOHNS land...and was delivered by sd. William COLVERT to James MINOR of sd county...Wit: Samuel SWANN, John SAMPSON, Thomas JONES, Robert HOWES P.334

JUNE 16, 1750 Joseph MEREDITH of New Hanover Co. planter & Elizabeth his wife to Roger EVANS of same, millwright. 40 lbs. 150 A on west side of NE River beg. Rees EVANS corner tree..Also 150 A on W side of NE River at a pine on River Timothy BLOODWORTHS corner..Wit: Alexander WILSON, John ANDERSON P.335-6

FEB 8, 1752. Matthew ROWAN Esq of New Hanover Co. to Thomas DEVAUN of same. 29 lbs. 1 shilling & 4 pence...200 A West side of Black River commonly called Duglas or the Long Point sold to me by William GILL by a deed Sept 22, 1738 which by a patent to sd GILL Feb 15, 1739...Wit: Ann HEDGES, Robert ROWAN P.342

OCT 17, 1751 Matthew ROWAN Esq to John LYON. 5 lbs. 150 A in New Hanover Co on West side of Black River commonly called Gill Hall__ Mount St. David..Wit: Richard LYON, Ester ROWAN P.343

SEPT 6, 1751 Will of William FORBES of New Hanover Co. Esq being weak in my loving friend George MOORE & Geo. NICHOLAS Esq of New Hanover Co..Appt my loving friend George MOORE exec..Wit: George LOGAN, William MOORE, John MOORE. Proved Nov Court 1751 P.344

SEPT 28, 1752. Will of William BERNIE being weak of beloved wife Jillir BERNIE..appt my wife Jillir, Moses John DEROSSET my Exec..Wit: John CAMPBELL, Mary x MASON, John MAULTSBY JR. No Probate Date. P.353


JULY 24, 1751 James & Elizabeth THOMAS of New Hanover Co. to Caleb GRAINGER Esq of same. 40 lbs..South by Market St..West by Caleb GRAINGER..Wit: Richard WHITTIER, John JONES P.3

DEC 18, 1752 Silvanus WILLSON of New Hanover Co bound unto John BURGWIN of Wilmington merchant for sum of 88 lbs 14 shillings...the Condition I Silvanus well & truly pay or cause to be paid unto John BURGUIN the full & just sum of 44 lbs 7 shillings on or before Jan 20, 1753..Wit: Thomas CUMBER, Danl. WATKINS P.8-9

MARCH 24, 1753 David DAVID carpenter & Ann his wife of Wilmington to Alexander MCKEITHAN of same. 10 shillings..lot of land lying in Town of Wilmington...beg 125' from NW corner of Market St..Wit: William ROBINSON, Joshua TOOMER P.14-15

MARCH 5, 1753 David DAVID carpenter & Mary his wife of Wilmington to Alexr. MCKEITHAN, taylor...David DAVID bound to Alexr. MCKEITHAN in sum of 210 lbs 9 shillings..due on or before March 24 next ensuring date..Wit: William ROBINSON, Joshua TOOMER P.15-16

MAY 13, 1752 Donald MCKEITHAN of Bladen Co. & Alexr. MCKEITHAN of Wilmington New Hanover Co., planter. 44 lbs...part of a lot of land in Town of Wilmington cont.66' front on Market St. bounded to the W by part of sd lott in possession of Mary PURINGTON & to the E by part of sd lott from the property of Dr. Benj. BURLEIGH & running back 66' to Mr. NORTON'S line which sd lott was purchased by Mary GALLET from Michael HIGGINS & is reg in New Hanover Co BK A folio 3_2 & by James SMALLWOOD from sd Mary GALLANS and is reg. in BK B 276 folio and by Donald MCKEITHAN from sd SMALLWOOD & is reg. in BK C folio 114..Wit: Hugh MCBRIDE, Joseph JONES P. 17

FEB 7, 1753 Arthur SHEPARD of Wilmington, printer & painter & Julian his wife to Alexander MCKEITHAN of Wilmington, taylor..whereas Caleb GRAINGER & Mary his wife by indenture bearing date Aug 4, 1750 conveyed unto William BIRNIE the former husband of sd Julian SHEPHARD part of a lot of land in Town of Wilmington..beg E corner of Second St opposite to a lot then in possession of Mary PURINGTON thence up Market St. 84'...& whereas the sd Wm. BIRNIE soon after decd having before his death made & published his last will & testament in writing bearing date Sept 28, 1752 & thereby gave & devised the sd parcel of land unto sd Julian his wife & her heirs & assigns & sd Julian having since intermarried with sd Arthur SHEPHARD...80 lbs..Wit: Edwd. BUNTING, Thos. NEWTON P.18-19

MARCH 20, 1752 Caleb GRAINGER Esq. Sheriff of New Hanover Co. to Alexr. MCKEITHAN of Town of Wilmington, taylor..60 lbs... for a debt in hands of James COSTIDELL in Town of Brunswick, New Hanover Co which Alexr. MCKEITHAN lateley recovered...Wit: John JONES, Isaac FARIES P.19-22

David WILLIAMS of New Hanover Co to Josiah THOMAS of same. 15 lbs..beg at a lightwood stump John ARTHURS...W at LIVINGTONS corner...being the land whereon Josiah THOMAS now lives..cont. 160 A..Wit: Henry SKIBBOW, Edward X DOTY P.35

MARCH 31, 1753. Samuel CHESTER JR. to Samuel CHESTER Senior Trustee of Mary FINNEY, wife of Thomas FINNEY..20 lbs...1/2 part of a 1/4 of a lott to be divided by a line right a cross sd lott which half part of & 1/4 of a lot is that part lying to the E as by a deed to James CHESTER from Thomas FINNEY..Wit: Simon ARMSTRONG, James PURENTON, Isaac FARIES P.42

DEC 24, 1751 Will of Rebecca DRY of Brunswick..being weak in body...I give to my beloved dtr. Dorothy MORTON my negro woman named Judy & also the son of sd Judy named my granddaughter Rebecca DRY dtr to William & Mary Jane DRY my negro named granddtr Rebecca DRY my plantation or place called grandson William DRY son of William & Mary Jane beloved sister Mary two nephews James & John beloved son William DRY...appt my son William DRY Exec..Wit: John HUTCHINSON, John DART Jr. Proved May Ct. 1753 P.47-8

DEC 30, 1750 Will of Christopher BERIS of Parish of St. Phillip in New Hanover Co being weak in body...appt Richard QUINCE of Brunswick, merchant sole Exec...all my real property to my executor..Wit: George LOGAN, George NICHOLAS, John GARDNER P.48

SEPT 15, 1752 Will of David CORBITT of Thomas PLAYER son to Richard PLAYER all the rest & residue of my estate...apppt my friend Richard PLAYER Exec..Wit: John CAMPBELL, Rachel X CAMPBELL, Thos. X CUNNINGHAM. Proved Nov Ct 1752 P.49

JUNE 1, 1751 Will of Joshua PAULL of New River, Onslow Co., wife Mary Richard QUINCE 10 quineas...what my estate amounts to in Old England which Richard QUINCE as the managing son Joshua son Joseph dtr Sarah PAULL...Appt Richard QUINCE, my son Joshua & my son Joseph Execrs...Wit: George LOGAN, William DAVIS, Robert ELLIS Jr. Proved March 5, 1753 P.49

NOV 5, 1753 Will of John MARTINDALE, ferryman of New Hanover beloved wife, Susanna...appt my wife Exec. & my friend John CAMPBELL exec...Wit: Richard PLAYER, Ann PLAYER, Richard PLAYER. Proved Feb Ct 1753 P.49-50

DEC 20, 1750 Will of Patrick MCVICAR of Town of Wilmington, laborer...being very sick & weak in children: Danile, Isabell & William wife (not named)..Appt my son Daniel MCVICAR & Alexander MCALLISTER Exec..Wit: John WALKER, Marin WALKER, Thos. X CUNNINGHAM. Prov Feb Ct 1753 P.50

DEC 1, 1748 Will of James SIDBURY of New Hanover Co. being sick & weak of wife three children: Moses, George & sons have their estates when they severally attain the age of 21 & my dtr. at age of 21 or the day of her marriage..appt my brother,Woodman SIDBURY and my good friend Thomas BEASLEY Exec...Signed James X SIDBURY. Wit: Elizabeth BISHOP, Benj. DUDLEY. Proved by oath of Elizabeth BISHOP now Elizabeth AVERITT the wife of Nathaniel AVERITT. No Probate Date P. 50-1

MARCH 13, 1750 Will of Sarah PORTER of New Hanover Co, widow, being nephews Alexr. LILLINGTON & John nephew Samuel granddtr Sarah PORTER one half of all my cattle now under the care & management of John WILLSON...when she arrives to the age of 18 years or day of her granddtr Rebecca grandson John granddtr Elizabeth PORTER...Appt my nephews Alexr. LILLINGTON & John ASHE Exec...Wit: Jane? SWANN, Maur. MIMID? Jr. No Prob. Date P.51-2

JAN 28, 1739 Evan JONES, planter of New Hanover Co. with consent of my wife, Ann to Benj. ORRAM. 80 lbs...Cape Fear River which I hold by patent dated __ day of 7 1737...320 A.. Signed Evan X JONES. Wit: C.S. HIGINGBOTHAM, Thomas JONES P.58

AUG 27, 1750 Sarah PORTER widow Exec & Gen. legatee of Last Will & Testament of John PORTER decd my late husband for natural love & affection unto my granddaughter Rebecca MOORE of New Hanover Co...200 A on NE Branch of Cape Fear River at a place commonly known by name of Rocky Point...beg Maurice MOORES upper corner..Wit: M. MOORE Snr., Patrick SMITH P.63-4

JULY 5, 1751 Will of Samuel Theophilus STUERM? of Wilmington, taylor being weak & my trusty & loving friend Francis DAVIS of Wilmington, merchant all my worldly estate..Appt sd Francis DAVIS exec...Wit: Benj. MORRISON, Magnut COWAN, Jos. GLAS P. 64

NOV 23, 1753 John HOPKINS of City of Phila., merchant appt my trusty & loving Mr. Alexr. MCKEITHAN of Town of Wilmington Cape Fear in NC merchant my true & lawful collect all debts...esp. agst. Robt. MURRAY & Richard QUINCE merchants..Wit: George RANKINS, Aaron JENKINS P.70

MAY 25, 1754 Caleb GRAINGER of New Hanover Co. gentleman & Mary his wife to George MACKENZIE of Cones? in Isle of Wright, merchant...43 lbs 6 shillings 8 pence..4 A & 1/3 of an acre opposite Town of Wilmington on Eagles Islands...Wit: John BURGWIN, James MOYNITT P. 89-90

DEC 7, 1753. Thomas DEVAUGHN of New Hanover Co. to Joseph BLAKE Esq...400 lbs. 320 A W side of NE Branch of Cape Fear River on a branch of Rockfish Creek.. Signed: Thomas X DEVAUGHN (bhm) Wit: Thomas CORBETT, Antoine DUBOSE P.102

MARCH 30, 1754. Will of Richard PLAYER of Wilmington blacksmith being very sick & sons: Richard, John, Stephen & Thomas PLAYER as they severally attain the age of 21 wife (not named) & John DUBOISE Esq & William FARIS Esq. Exec....Wit: William ROBINSON, John GAINS, John MAULTSBY Jr. Reg. Aug 26, 1754 P.104

NOV 20, 1753 Caleb GRAINGER of New Hanover Co. Esq & Mary his wife to Isabell MACKBRIDE of Town of Wilmington. 40 lbs...N side of Market St. 30' from corner of Third Street..Wit: Richard HELLIER P.106

June 22, 1754 Will of Isaac BLACK of Wilmington & Parish of St. James, merchant being sick & weak..equally divided between my dear sister Elizabeth WOODS and my sister Jane BLACK and my brother John BLACK..Wit: William GREGORY, James CAMPBELL Jr, Mar GIBBONS Prov Aug Ct 1754 P.120

MAY 30, 1754 John HENESEY of New Hanover Co now in his magesties service as a soldier...appt Joseph PORTIVANT & James MOOR jointly both of same, planters my true & lawful atty...demand whatsoever owing payable & belonging to Estate of Thomas MOORE decd...hereby required to pay to the widow of sd dec'd now the wife of John HENESEY for the use of the children of the dec'd..Wit: David JAMESAY, John SIMPSON P.123

DEC 6, 1753 Will of Maurice MOORE New Hanover Co., planter son of Nathaniel MOORE of sd province dec'd being weak in wife, Mary my plantation known by name of Bell dtr. Mary MOORE shall attain the age of son in law John Swan brother Nathaniel beloved brothers Schanking MOORE, Barenger MOORE & Nathaniel MOORE...Appt my wife Mary and my brother Schanking MOORE Exec..Wit: Armond DEROSSETT M.D., Marg. ASHE, Sarah PORTER Prov May 16, 1754 P.123-4

FEB 3, 1755 Will of Thomas MOORE late of New York now in Wilmington sick of body..Appt Cornas FARGUHSON Doctor of Phissony sold Exec...Wit: Caleb MASON, Symon PAYNE, A. HARTLEY. Prov Feb 28, 1755 P.132

NOV 1, 1755 Richard EAGLES of New Hanover Co. to William MACKENZIE of Wilmington...5 shillings..water lot in Town of Wilmington...joining the Gully that now runs between that and ____ CAMPBELLS lot thence in the plan of sd Town by #17...Wit: Cosmas FARGHASON, John MACKENZIE P.133-4

APRIL 5, 1755 Isaac GREENE of New Hanover Co., planter to George MACKENZIE of Isle of Wright, merchant...Isaac GREEN & Elizabeth his wife...42 lbs...40' front on N side of Market St. beg on E side of Third St...Signed Isaac X GREENE, Elizabeth GREENE. Wit: Thomas TUMBULL, Caleb GRAINGER P.124-5

MAY 8, 1755 Ann WRIGHT of New Hanover Co widow of John WRIGHT dec'd to John MACKENZIE of Charleston, SC..10 lbs...lot of land cont. 30' front on Eagles Island opposite Market St...beg at lower corner on the river of Caleb GRAINGER lower tract..Wit: Benj. MORISON, Comet. HAMMETT P.134

NOV 18, 1755 Will of William John wife Mary Davis son, Roger MOORE...Appt my wife with her father John DAVIS SR & George MOORE Esq Exec..Wit: Armand DEROSSET M.D., Thomas BELL, John SWANN. No Prob. Date P.134-5

APRIL 8, 1751? Will of William LEWIS of New Hanover Co in perfect dtr. Mary PEDCOCK..To Ruth PEDCOCK & Mary PEDCOCK daughters of my dtr. Mary age of 21 yrs. or their John COOK son of my dtr Jane Sarah COOK dtr. of my dtr. Jane my dtr. Jane COOK..Appt my son in law James COOK sole Exec..Signed William X LEWIS. Wit: John COOK, William EDWARD, Willm X SOUND? Prov Feb Ct 1755 P. 137

NOV 18, 1754 John DUBOIS of Wilmington merchant & Gabrielle his wife to John MORRIS of same...10 shillings..lot in Town of Wilmington..beg at N corner on Front St thence W down Market St 30' to Dr. Samuel GREE'S a lot John RUTHERFORDS Esq...Wit: Caleb GRAINGER, Alexr. DUNCAN. P.139-40

FEB 7, 1755 Will of Edward HYRNE of New Hanover Co being weak in son son George son, son in law Francis BRITTAN my tract in son in law Joseph..Appt my three sons Henry, George & Benj. Exec...Wit: Samuel SWANN, George MEARS, Handle STORM Prov May Ct 1755 P.142-4

JAN 17, 1755 John CHALKHILL of Town of Brunswick, NC to William DRY Esq of consideration of the Bills of exchange endorsed by William negro man name Pompey and one negro girl named Patimus?...Wit: George LOGAN P.151

SEPT 20, 1754 Archibald MACLAINE of Rowans Bluff in New Hanover Co planter & Elizabeth MACLAINE otherwise ROWAN his wife to Hon. Matthew ROWAN Esq president & commissioner in chief of sd province..whereby a deed bearing date Feb 8, 1740 for the consideration therein mentioned...sell & convey unto the sd Elizabeth MACLAINE otherwise by the name Elizabeth ROWAN Jr dtr of the sd Elizabeth now wife of sd Matthew ROWAN by Jerome ROWAN late of Co & Province of sd merchant dec'd...tract of land cont. 176 A...SW side of NW River bound on upper & lower sides by lands of sd Matthew ROWAN..Wit: Felix O'NEILL, John MACLAINE P. 153-5

MARCH 1755 John JAMES & Marget his wife to Alexr. WILLSON all of New Hanover Co..20 lbs. 200 A..Rockfish Creek known by name of Doctors Creek..Wit: John COOK, Jonathan EVANS P.163

JUNE 7, 1754 Will of Philip GABWELL father, Richard QUINCE merchant in Cape Fear River...I also charge the Sloop Brunswick & cargo to Capt. Thomas WRIGHT for my owner Richard QUINCE..Wit: William DAVIS, Robert CATANESS, James ALLEN. Prov Nov Ct. Reg. Feb 1756 P.163-4

MAY 23, ___ James THOMAS of New Hanover Co to Thomas READY of same. 10 lbs. 120 A..SE side of Sand Creek joining ___ of PORTIVANTS lands..Signed James X THOMAS. Wit: James PORTIVANT, Samuel BANKAM. Rec Nov 1756 P.164-5

OCT 24, 1755 Will of John WALKER of Wilmington, taylor being wife Jean WALKER... my dtr. Jean dtr. Ann WALKER..Appt my friend John WALKER, carpenter guardian of my sd daughters...Appt my wife & John WALKER, carpenter Exec..Wit: Alexr. MCKAY, Alexr. MACALLISTER, Isaac X GREEN Prov Jan 17, 1756 P.165

NOV 1, 1752 Will of Joseph POITVANT of Parish of St. James, New Hanover wife Elizabeth & my son John son John arrives at age of 21 yrs..Appt my wife Elizabeth & John DIBBS, James POITVANT, George GIBBS Exec..Wit: John TAYLOR, Samuel TAYLOR, Ann OTTEY. Reg. Feb 1756 P.165-6

OCT 15, 1755 Will of James REGAN of Wilmington, cooper being weak in wife Rachel...Appt my wife Rachel sole Exec...Wit: Richard HELLIER, Alexr. MCALLISTER, Jno. WILLS. Reg Feb 1756 P.166

OCT 12, 1754 Will of David LINDSEY of Wilmington in good ___ STEVENSON dtr of Charles STEVENSON of Charleston 50 good friend Dr. Isaac Mrs. Rebecca DRY dtr to William DRY Esq 30 quineas to purchas such toy rings as her mother Mrs. Mary Jane DRY may brother Samuel LINDSEY of Newry...there places in Ireland or sister Rose who is married to Joseph SEEWRIGHT of Bunbridge..Appt William DRY Esq, Mrs. ___ MCCULLOCK my cousin Deputy auditor of the premises & Samuel LINDSEY my brother should he arrive here Exec...Wit: Thomas NUNNS?, Benj. MORRISON, Alexr. MCKEITHIN Reg Feb Ct 1756 P.168-9

MAY 30, 1755 Mary CLIFFORD of New Hanover Co for natural love & affection towards my grandson Robert HEWES of same gent...15 negro slaves...Wit: William DAVIS, John WATTERS P.171-2

APRIL 18, 1755 Will of Michaell LOWBER of New Topsail NC wife four sons & two daughters namely Michael, Thomas, Peter & John, Unity, Bridget..Appt my wife & son Michael Exec...Wit: Daniel HUGGINS, John STOCKELEY, Caswell X STRICKLING. Prov Feb Ct. Reg. Feb 1756 P. 172-3

APRIL 8, 1755 Alexr. MACKEITHAN of Bladen Co. planter to Alexr. MACKDENGALL of Wilmington merchant..whereas David DAVID did by his bonds or obligation bear date March 25, 1753 does stand bound to Alexr. MACKEITHAN in the penal sum of 210 lbs. 9 shillings 2 pence..Wit: Richard HELLIER, John ROE P.174

SEPT 11, 1755 William DRY of New Hanover Co Esq surviving Exec & heir at law to William DRY late of Brunswick merchant dec'd to Caleb GRAINGER of New Hanover Co. Esq..5 shillings...NE side of Smiths Creek in New Hanover Co cont 200 A..Wit: George NICHOLAS, William LORD P.178-9 (Another deed P.179-80)

NO DATE. Will of Edward HYME of New Hanover Co being weak in son Henry...son George...P.186 (Only a partial Will)

MARCH 3, 1756 Will of George NICHOLAS of Cape Fear attorney at William DRY Esq his wife Mary Jane DRY & their daughter Rebecca DRY each a morning ring & to Francis sister Elizabeth METHEINGHAM?....Wit: Richard QUINCE, Thos. DAVIS, John QUINCE P.187

JAN 29, 1756 Will of Evan JONES being aged but of perfect mind & wife son William dtr Rebecca dtr. Margaret JONES..Appt my son in law Patrick BOILING & my wife Exec. Signed Evan X JONES. Wit: J__ HAND, John ELLIS, Henry SKIBBOW. Prov May Ct 1756 P.187-8

FEB 11, 1756 Will of John MERRICK of New Hanover Co merchant weak & low in brother George sister Margaret sister Eleanor Judith DAVIS as a token of taking care of me 40 friends John DAVIS Jr, Cosmas FERGNHASON & Alexr. DUNCAN 10 quineas brother Thomas MERRICK..Appt my brothers Thomas & George MERRICK Exec..Wit: Armand DEROSSET M.D., John DEROSSET, David BROWN. Prov May Ct 1756 P.190

NOV 22, 1755 Christopher QUIN of NC to Richard SESSIONS. 150 lbs. of SC...200 A...2 miles to the westward of Wackemaw River on S side of Lake Swamp..Wit: Thomas PINSON, John LAY Jr P.191-2

JUNE 30, 1752 Evan JONES SR of New Hanover Co planter to Evan JONES JR. 100 my son Evan JONES JR...the lower 1/2 part of a thousand acre tract on the Et side of NE branch of Cape Fear River which I bought of John BEWAN & he of Coll. Maurice MOORE to whom it was granted by patent March 5, 1739?..Signed Evan X JONES. Wit: Patt. BOYLIN, Henry SKIBBOW P.200

APRIL 11, 1755 Will of John STOCKLEY of New Hanover Co my brother brother Thomasses son sister Hannah son brother beloved housekeeper Mary Mary JANNETTS dtr. Mary JANNETTS son Ishue...Wit: Saml. COLLYER, Sarah X STANTON, William STANTON, Mary X JENNETT. Prov 3rd Tues in March 1756 P.206

FEB 28, 1756 Hugh PURDIE & Elizabeth his wife of Bladen Co to George MACKENZIE of Cowes, in the Isle of Wright merchant..40 lbs. 320 A in Co of New Hanover on Deep Skelet Sound & Creek..John COX'S corner..Wit: Benj MORRISON, Marr. JONES P.208-9

JULY 15, 1756 Will of Cosmas FARGUHARSON of Town of Wilmington Doctor of Physick being very sick..Appt Margaret MOORE of Cape Fear spinster sole heir & my apprentice William WHITE 30 Dr. Samuel GREEN, Alexr. FARGUHSON & John DAVIS JR sum of 13 lbs 6 shillings & 8 pence mother 20 lbs..Wit: Mary P. MORRIS, Ja. MURRAY, Margt.(M.D.) DONAHOE (bhm) Reg Aug Ct 1756 P.209

JAN 31, 1756 Dennis MOORE of New Hanover Co in and for the obligation that I sd MOORE took on & by standing God Father for a child of cozn Thos. CORBITT named Elizabeth...a negro girl called Peggy unto sd Elizabeth ye dtr of sd czn CORBITT..Wit: Thomas PARKER, Samuel LEWIS P.214

JAN 8, 1755 Joseph BLAKE of New Hanover Co Esq to John CORBYN of same gentleman. 40 in Town of Wilmington known as Lot #60 lying bet Province St & Chestnut St which sd lot was by indenture Feb 28, 1745 convyed to me by James LONG dec'd..Wit: Samll BRIDGIN, John WALKER. Mary, Wife of Joseph relinquished right of dower P.218-9

OCT 8, 1756 Will of Robert WAKELEY of Craven Co NC nephew George brother George WAKELEY..Appt my brother George WAKELEY sole Exec..Wit: Lewis DEROSSET, Virg. BONDS, John BURGUIN. Prov Nov Ct 1756 P.234

SEPT 10, 1756 Will of Joseph JONES being in a bad state of wife, Martha & children James, Joseph, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth & Ann...Appt my wife Martha & William VAUGHAN Exec..Wit: John WHITE, Richd. HANSON Prov Nov 10, 1756 P.235

JUNE 17, 1756 Will of Robert POTTER of New Hanover Co joiner being sick & wife son son son three daughters Mary, Margaret & Elizabeth...Appt my wife Mary & my sons John & Robert Exec..Wit: John X GRIMES, Heziah X GRIMES, John X GRIMES Jr. Prov Feb Ct 1757 P.247-8

JAN 3, 1757 Will of William FRARIAS of New Hanover Cobeing my kinswoman Sarah FRARIES my negro girl Chris..Appt my friends Cornelius HAMMET & Marmaduke JONES Exec..Wit: Caleb GRAINGER, Isabella MCNEILL, Jean X MORELY Prov Feb Ct 1757 P.248

MAY 15, 1756 Will of Richard HELLIER of Town of two children William & Ann HELLIER when they shall attain to wife Ann...Appt Cornelius HAMMETT & John LYONS Esqrs. Exec..Wit: Daniel DUNBIBBIN, David BROWN, Benj MORRISON, Robt. BURLEIGHT. Prov Feb Ct 1757 P.249

NOV 22, 1756 Will of John HENESEY of New Hanover Co carpenter being very sick...a tract of land which I have on Tuckahe to my nephews John HENESEY & James children of my brother David my sister Margaret HENESEY wife to my brother David wife Catherine my child Mary HENESEY..Appt my brother David HENESEY & Willison ROBINSON Exec..Wit: William ROBINSON, John SIMPSON, James X PARRELL No Prob. Date P.256

JAN 30, 1756 Dennis MOORE of New Hanover and for the obligations that I the sd MOORE by standing God father for a child of Capt. Thos. CORBITT named Elizabeth do therefore by these presents ...a certain negro girl called Pegg unto the above said Elizabeth the daughter of the said Capt. CORBITT..Wit: Thomas PARKER, James DAVIS P.256

APRIL 7, 1757 Will of William NICHOLAS of New Hanover son son Caleb...grandson William son of son son son wife dtr. dtr. dtr Gertrud..Appt my sons John & Caleb Exec...Signed Wm. X NICHOLS. Wit: Peter DRUILLAD, Jos. STOCKLEY, Mary X NICKSON. No Prob. Date P.259

APRIL 18, 1757 We Jas. BAKER, Susanna BAKER, Saml. WATTS, Thos. WATTS, Joseph BUSHEL, Elizabeth BUSHEL, John SHEPARD all of Hamton Town & Elizabath City Co. in VA who are all heirs of Mr. Timothy BLOODWORTH formerly of sd Town but late of Samuel LEWIS for consideration of 2 pistols...all our interest in Estate of Timothy BLOODWORTH...Wit: Thos. PARKER, Peter MANSON P.260

MARCH 12, 1757 Samuel LEWIS of New Hanover Co to Robert Davis BIRCH of same. 30 lbs..being a tract of land granted to me Sept 1, 1753 which I sd LEWIS now live on..E side of Black River...100 A..Wit: John LEWIS, John DEVANE P.265-6

FEB 10, 1753 Margaret HAYNES widow & relict of Roger HAYNES late of New Hanover Co dec'd to John BURGWIN of Wilmington...In consideration of a marriage by the Grace of God intented shortly bet. the sd John BURGWINE & Margaret HAYNES youngest daughter of sd Margart HAYNES widow...Wit: Samuel SWANN, Corns. HARNET P.268

APRIL 10, 1755 Margeret HAYNES of New Hanover Co for love good will & affection I have for my son in law John BURGWIN of Cape Fear River..640 A lying & being in Price George Creek in Co. of New Hanover..being the plantation whereon Richard MARSDEN dec'd my father formerly dwelt commonly called or known by the name of Hermitage butted & bounded as described by a certain deed for the sd land from Col Maurice MOORE dec'd to my brother Thomas MARSDEN...Wit: __ PRICE, John GARDNER P.270-1

DEC 31, 1756 Will of Charles IRWIN of Johnson Co but more in Mark IRWIN 5 Marmaduke my son my younger son Charles if he lives to age of son Marmaduke JONES of Wilmington my plantation on Neuse River in Johnson Co which I bought of Abel CROONE..maintain & educate my sd two sons Alexander and ___(blank) till their coming of Anthony DRYER...Appt my son Marmaduke JONES Exec..Wit: Joshua TOOMER, R. HARDY, Alexr. MCALISTER P. 271-2

MAY 17, 1757 Will of John MAULTSBY of Wilmington being weak in mother Mary late father John brother William sister Hannah sister Mary sister Sarah nephew William MAULTSBY son of my brother William nephew Roger nephew John MAULTSBY son of my brother William...Appt my friends Thomas JAMES, Daniel DUNBIBIN Exec...Wit: Benj. MORISON, James NELOW?, Frnas. BETEITHELY. Prov Nov Ct 1757 P.290-1

SEPT 12, 1757 Will of Robert BURLEIGH of Wilmington being sick & wife two sons Robert & James..Appt my friends Daniel DUNBIBAN & Corns. HARNETT Exec..Wit: Samuel GREEN, Thos. JAMES, Thos. NEWTON Prov Nov Ct 1757 P.292

JUNE 1, 1757 Thomas DEVANE Sr of New Hanover Co planter for natural love & affection I have to my son Thomas DEVANE Jr...3 negro boys & a tract of land joining the plantation whereon the sd Thomas DEVANE Sr now resides calle Low Hill...300 A...which I had from the Hon. Matthew ROWAN..Wit: William ROBINSON, Thomas CORBETT P.303

NOV 1757 Will of Ralph TAYLOR of Wilmington wife Mary...Appt my beloved friends Benj. MORISON & William LORD Exec..Wit: Armand DEROSSET M.D., Daniel DUNBIBAN, Arthur MATSON Prov Feb Ct P.317-8

DEC 7, 1757 Will of James ARLOW of Wilmington tavernkeeper being sick & weak in nephew John ARLOW 30 lbs provided he comes into the wife Bridget ARLOW my house & lot in Wilmington whereon Jacob MILLER & Richard PLAYER now live...Appt my friend Benj. MORISON & my wife Bridget Exec...Wit: Benj. WHEATLY, Arthur MATSON, Jno JONES Prov Feb Ct 1757 P.318-9

SEPT 27?, 1756 Will of Rice PRICE wife son son son Edmund..Appt my wife Tomzin & Richard PRICE Exec..Wit: John X ROGERS, William PEARSE Prv Feb Ct 1758 P.319

SEPT 5, 1757 Will of Thomas STOCKLEY yeoman being sick & brother Peter two sons John & Thomas brother Capewill STOCKLEY..Appt my brother Capewell STOCKLEY Exec...Wit: John WILKINSON, Johnathan STURGES, Jacob X STOCKLEY. Prov Feb Ct 1758 P.320

NOV 14, 1757 Will of John CHALKHILL of NC being weak in wife dtr Mary...the child which my dear wife is now dtrs Mary & sd wife's daughter Rachel HARRISON & the child unborn..Appt George MOORE & Willam DRY Exec...Wit: Richard HARDY, David BROWN, Margaret x MCCORKHILL. Prov Feb Ct 1758 P.322

NOV 30, 1757 Will of Samuel BRIDGEN Esq of Ludlow Castle in dtr Jane BENNETT of Job HOWES Sr & Job HOWES son Edward wife good brothers the Rev. ___ BRIDGE in possession of Grisham Colt London..Appt Job HOWES Jr. sole Exec (his father being lame & unable)..Wit: Hannah MOTT, Arthur HOWES Prov Feb Ct 1758 323-4

OCT 2, 1753 William NORTON & Jacob NORTON both of Bladen Co planters to Alexander MCKEITHAN of Town of Wilmington, taylor..40 Town of Wilmington on E side of Second St bounding on Mary PUDDINGTONS lot on S side of Market St N 13 bet Market St & Dock St...Wit: Gilbert MCKEITHAN, Jno X MCLAREN P.330

MAY 1, 1758 John CORBYN of Wilmington practioner of surgery to Maurice NEVIN of same, carpenter. 30 joining to the land which sd CORBYN now dwells being 1/2 of the lot which sd CORBYN purchased from Joseph BLAKE Esq..Wit: Marmaduke JONES P.334

SEPT 19, 1757 Richard MALPERS of New Hanover Co planter to John DEVANE of same planter. 55 lbs...on Beaver dam branch...300 A...plantation whereon sd Richard now lives granted to James LEE Feb 28, 1744? & by sd LEE to Richard MALPERS in the yr. aforesaid..Wit: William ROBINSON, Nehemiah DRANE P.336-7

APRIL 24, 1757 Will of William RICE shipwright on board the Brigatine Hawk of War Thos. WRIGHT commander being of sound sisters Jane RICR & Katherine RICE both in the Shire of Murry in North loving mother Tamer RICE of Murry aforesaid...all my prize money that shall be taken in the privateer Hawk of my loving friend Mary COOK of Wilson? in Province of Carolina 10 lbs in the hands of Thos. CUNNINGHAM cooper in loving friend David FOWLER of Wilmington...Appt Thos. CUNNINGHAM dispose of my effects in Carolina & I have ordained James JOYES Exec of my estate in Findhorn & Shire aforesd...Wit: John BLYTH, Benj. STONE. Prov May Ct 1758 P.342

NOV 15, 1756 Will of George RICHARDSON of St. Phillips Parish, New Hanover Co being sick...all my worldly goods to Mr. John DAVIS Sen...Appt my fiend Jehu DAVIS my sole Exec..Wit: Samuel NEALE, Anthony WARD, Thos. NEAL. No Prob. Date P.342

JUNE 8, 1748? Will of Job HOWES being in an ill state of son Robert HOWES...whereas my mother Mary CLIFFORD decd did give to my sd son Robert sundry slaves..payable from Mr. Thos. CLIFFORD who intermarried my sd son sons Thos. HOWES & Nathan son Joseph dtr Mary dtr Elizabeth granddaughter Mary my friends Jno. DAVIS Sr., Saml. SWANN, Jno. SWANN, Thomas. JONES & Jos. W--TERS...My four sons: Job, Arthur, Thomas & Joseph...Appt my son Job & my friend John SWANN Esq Exec..Wit: John MOTT, H__ MOTT, Luke BOWEN. No Probate Date P.353-4

Will of Thomas NEILSON of Wilmington Doctor of Physick very sick & loving mother ___ NEILSON & my loving sister Ann NEILSON...Apt my friends James MURRY & Robert LINNEX Exec..Prov May Ct. 1758. Will not dated or signed. P.355

JUNE 11, 1757 Robert Davis BURCH of New Hanover Co. to Thomas CORBIT of same planter. 8 lbs..on Black River...100 A on E side of Black River beg at the old Seller at a live oak...Signed Robert Davis X BURCH. Wit: Nehemiah DRANE, John HERRIG? P.355-6

MAY 20, 1758 Will of Richard HARDY of Wilmington..Appt Daniel DUNBIBON & Francis BETIALLE? wife, uncles ___ (blank) uncle Francis BETRILLE...No Wit. Prov Ct. 1758 P.356

OCT 10, 1758 Will of Samuel CHESTER of Wilmington shipwright being very wife Martha...all my children (not named)..Appt my wife Martha sole Exec..Wit: William VAUGHN, William WILKINSON, Robert FREEMAN. Prov Nov 10, 1758 P.359-60

MAY 1758. I, Thomas SMITH of Charleston SC merchant Appt Mr. ___ MOORE of Cape Fear River NC planter my lawful atty...Wit: Benj. HERON, William BAMPFIELD P.363

NOV 9, 1758 Will of Walter SIMPSON of Wilmington blacksmith being sick & weak...everything to Mr. John ___ of Wilmington...Aptt Mr. Jno. ____ sole Exec...Wit: Benj. MORRISON, Alexr. ADAMSON, Rob. MC___. Prov Feb Ct 1759 P.372

___ 2, 1759 Samuel SWANN of New Hanover Co Esq for love & affection to my son in law Fredr. JONES, gent..Wit: Marmaduke JONES, James MORAN P.379

JUN 12, 1754 Will of alexr. WOODROW of Wilmington gent..whereas I am bound on a voyage to beloved mother Jean WOODROW of the City Edinburg widow...Appt Benj. MORISON Exec..Wit: Alexr. MACALISTER, John CAMPBELL, Alexr. MCGILLINAG? Prov Sept 6, 1759 P.398

Can't read date. John DEVANE of New Hanover Co planter to Joshua LEE planter. 30 lbs...on a branch of Rockfish Creek below ___ belonging to Joseph BLAKE Esq...200 A? Wit: John HERRING, John SQUIRE P.399-400

Will of James INNES of Cape Fear Col of the Reg. of sd province...of this Expedition to the Ohio agst the French & their Indians...I direct a remit may be made to Edinburg sufficient to pay for a Church bell for the Parish Church of Channely? in wife Jean INNIS my plantation called Point Pleasant..Appt my wife sole Exec..Wit: John CARLYLE, William COCKS, Caleb GRAINGER. Prov Oct 9, 1759 P.402

MARCH 14, 1760 Alexr. MCKEITHAN of Bladen planter to Alexr. MCALLISTER of Cumberland Co. Esq. 40 lbs..Town of Wilmington on E side of Second St bound on PURRINGTONS lot on S side of Market St..Wit: Feguard CAMPBELL, Duncan MCNEILL. P.431

OCT 18, 1759 Henry GOODMAN of Duplin Co planter to Joshua SIKES of New Hanover Co planter. 30 lbs. E side of South River nearly oppositite John ANDROWS land...Jacob GOODMANS house where he formerly lived..130 A part of land granted to Henry & Jacob GOODMAN March 13, 1756...Signed Henry GOODMAN, Jacob GOODMAN. Wit: Edw. REVES, Stephen ANDERS P.434-5

SEPT 2, 1760 Joshua SIKES of New Hanover Co planter to Stephen ANDERSON of Bladen Co. planter. 10 lbs. E side of South River opposite John ANDERSON land..known by the name of Stephen ANDERSON mill..2 Acres. one acre above the Mill House & one acre below..being part of land granted to Henry GOODMAN & Jacob GOODMAN March 13, 1756 by patent & conveyed by sd Henry GOODMAN & Jacob GOODMAN to aforesd Joshua SIKES Oct 18, 1759...Signed Joshua X SIKES. Wit: William ROBINSON, Thomas DEVANE P. 438

SEPT 2, 1760 Thomas ROGERS of New Hanover Co planter to John NEWTON. 15 lbs...beg small cypress on bank of Black River..100 A...Signed Thomas X ROGERS. Wit: John DEVANE, John TREADWELL P.441

MARCH 12, 1760 David EVANS SR of New Hanover Co gentleman to David EVANS JR of same son of the sd David EVANS SR...5 shillings..W side of the NE branch of Cape Fear River..known by the name of the Welsh tract being part of a certain tract of land granted to David EVANS SR by patent May 6, 1730...Wit: John JAMES, Alexr. WILSON P.446-7

OCT 22, 1759 Joshua SIKES of New Hanover Co planter to John SIKES of same planter. 12 lbs...___ side of South River...Jno. ANDRESS land...below sd Joshua SIKES plantation..50 A..Wit: Henry GOODMAN, Thomas X CASHWELL P.447-8

AUG 4, 1760 Thomas WILLSON of Wilmington, armoureer... appt Frank LYNEGHAM of same, ferryman my true & lawful atty...Wit: Richard PLAYER, William ROBINSON P.449

JULY 31, 1740? Will of Edward WIGHT of City of Limerick in Kingdom of Ireland but now of Wilmington, surgeon..Appt Robert HARISON Esq Exec...1/2 of my lands in province of Nova Scotia unto my son John dtr. Elizabeth Isabelle dtr Margaret brothers Williamson WIGHT & Rice the children of my sister Phillis Rev. Edward Wight son John wife Mary WIGHT..Wit: Joshua TOOMER, Thomas GODFRY, Henry TOOMER Prov Inferior Ct. 1760 P. 454

FEB 1757 Will of Francis ERWIN of New Hanover Co weak of wife oldest son John? & to his brother dtrs. Moley, Pegey, Jeanie & Rachel ERWIN..Appt my wife Jean, Hon. RUTHERFORD Esq & Mr. Thomas TUMBULL Exec..Wit: Francis RUTHERFORD, Saml HOVENDEN, Betty ROSS. Prov Sept Ct 1760 P.455

JULY 1, 1760 Will of Francis ALEXANDER of New Hanover Co being weak in two sons David & Obediah dtr. Ruth ALEXANDER when at age or day of son son Aaron ALEXANDER dec' two youngest sons Obediah & wife Mary..Appt my wife Mary & my good friend Thomas MCCLAMEY & Geo. MERRICK Exec..Wit: Stok BISHOP, Christ. DUDLEY, Betty DUDLEY. Prov Sept Ct 1760 P.456

APRIL 1760 Will of Benjamin HICKS of New Hanover Co being very wife Easter son son James MIDDLETON a tract of land which ___ bought of Daniel DUNBIBAN commonly known by name of frog Hall...Appt my wife Easter & Francis ALEXANDER & Bishop DUDLEY Exec..Signed Benj. X HICKS. Wit: William POTTIFER, Christ. DUDLEY, Sarah WATTS, Ann DUDLEY. Prov Sept Ct 1760 P.457

Nov 24, 1760 I, William BEVILL did hear Michel STAUNTON say that he was in a very poor state of health & he thought should die & I asked him what he intended with what estate he had & he told me that lef it to Benj. EVAN & Tankin PERRY & the sd STAUNTON did die the 26th day of this instant. Wit: James PORTIVINT Nov 26, 1760. Prov Dec Ct 1760 P.458

SEPT 16, 1758. Will of John KILBEE of Onslow Co merchant..I give to my brother by my mother side William NEWBERRY in the Kingdom of Ireland & last accompts in the City of Dublin 50 lbs..All the rest of estate to Stephen LEE good friend John STARKEY Esq 10 lbs...Appt my friends John STARKEY Esq., Stephen LEE JR Exec..Wit: William JAMESON, Stephen LEE JR, Malaciah STRANGE. Prov Dec 17, 1760 P.458

JAN 13, 1761 David JAMES made oath before me this day that Jonathan THOMAS late of this county laborer died at the house of his father Thomas JAMES before the hours of nine & ten last night and abt one hour before sd Jonathan expired he called upon sd deponant & told him that what he had bought he left to the House where he died meaning sd Thomas JAMES...Wit:John LYON JP P.460

MAY 3, 1759 Joshua BODLEY of Edenton in Province of NC by Marmaduke JONES of Wilmington Attorney at law his attorney to John PAYNE of New Hanover Co. Esq...whereas by Deed of Gift from George B___ Esq late Gov of NC to Mary BURRINGTON alias Sandy ___ May 5, 1738 He the sd George ___ for the love & affection he bare unto sd Mary BURRINGTON alias ___ ___ 640 A...lying upon or near Cape Fear River...orig. granted to Co. Maurice MOORE by patent July 27, 1725 & the other originally granted to John ____ by patent June 14, 1725...John PORTER of Bath Town for 640 A July 14, 1725...Wit: John JONES P. 467-9

MAY 3, 1760 Will of Ephraim VERNON of Port Vernon in New Hanover Co planter being Ann GOTT otherwise called Nancy VERNON...plantation where I now dwell called Port Vernon cont. 580 A granted to me May 19, 1735 by patent....deeed dated 13th of March 1744 from Jno. WATSON upon trust for the use of her son Ephraim commonly called Ephraim VERNON when he comes to age 21 years...from John WATSON trust & to for the use of her second son William commonly called William VERNON when he comes to age of 21..for use of her third son John commonly called John VERNON when he comes to age of 21 Ann GOTT otherwise Nancy VERNON..shall manage & take care of the whole ___ favour of her sd children Ephraim, William, John & Lucy VERNON..Wit: Saml NEALE, Saml WATTERS, John DAVIS JR Prov April 1761 P.469

JAN 15, 1750 Ephraim VERNON of New Hanover Co gent first part, Hugh BLANING, William BUTRAM, John LUCAS & James LYON of Bladen co planters of second part & Ann VERNON wife to aforesd Ephraim VERNON of third part...whereas certain doubts controversies quarrells & disputes have arisen between sd Ephraim VERNON & sd Ann VERNON have mutually agreed to separate peacably & quietly & live aprt from each Ephraim hath agreed to allow her the sd Ann a part of his Esate for the support of sd Ann...P.471-4

APRIL 1, 1761 Will of Thomas JAMES Halton Lodge in New Hanover Co son David JAMES tract of land known by name of Halton Lodge whereon I son James son John son Thomas dtrs. Mary JAMES & Elizabeth wife Mary...equally divided between my wife Mary & my children: David JAMES, James JAMES, John JAMES, Thomas JAMES, Mary JAMES & Elizabeth JAMES..Appt James MURRY Esq & Anthony WARD Esq Exec..Wit: Hellen MURRAY, Hannah X TU___, James MOREN Prov June Ct 1761 P.488-9

DEC 7, 1759 Michael SMITH Clerk Minister of St. James Parish New Hanover Co. to William PURVIANCE merchant of Wilmington..75 negro fellow named Charles & also his other negro named York...Wit: John ROGER P.491

JUNE 3, 1761 John WALKER Esq High Sheriff of New Hanover Co to Robert MCCRACKEN of Town of Wilmington, shoemaker...goods & chattels of John WALKER late of New Hanover Co ship carpenter dec'd...47 lbs. 2 shillings...lot of land Wit: James MORAN P.506-7

MAY 20, 1752 John THOMAS of Black River New Hanover Co planter firmly bound unto John LYON of Wilmington. 100 lbs..Condition...John THOMAS to pay John LYON on or before June 1st next 20 barrels of full markatable Tar & ten barrels of pitch...Wit: John X BIRD, Robt. WALBANK P.507

MAY 2, 1761 Hardy COUNCIL of Province of NC to William SPEAR of same place & inhabitant of NC in New Hanover Co. 40 lbs..on SW side of N Branch of Little River in New Hanover Co..beg white oak at Thomas PINSON'S line..John LAY'S line..400 A..part of a tract or patent granted Jonathan ELKINS for 1100 A April 20, 1759...Wit: Jno. TURNER, Jas. COUNCIL, Thos. WILLIAMS P. 511

JAN 5, 1762. GEORGIA. I, Thomas CAMBER of Christ Church Parish in Province aforesaid, planter surviving Executor of Mary RICE widow of Nathaniel RICE late of province of NC Esq dec'd...appt Archibald MACLAINE of Cape Fear in NC my lawful sell all lands coming to me according to last will & testament of Mary RICE..Wit: Thos. MULFORD, Alexr. TYPPE? P.521

FEB 26, 1759 Nathan FRINK of New Hanover Co planter to William GOODMAN of same. 60 lbs. 250 A on E side of Waggamaw River called the Royal Oak..Wit: Edward WINGATE JR P.527

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