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Hello and welcome to a journey into New Hanover's wild and wonderful past! My name is Diane Siniard and I will be your guide through this wonderous journey into finding information on your ancestors. So sit back grab a cup of coffee or tea and lets explore New Hanover together!

  • Brief History of New Hanover County

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    Books, Books and more books!

  • Clarendon Courier 1989-2006
    Quarterly journal for the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society

  • Transcribed Books
    This page has lots and lots of books for you to read and/or download on a lot of New Hanover County's past on a lot of subjects. Take a look see and get lost in one of them!

  • New Hanover County Libraries
    Libraries...we would all be lost without them!

  • Published Resources For Sale

  • Published Resources with Lookup Volunteers

    Documents and Records
    You will find various documentation, photos, records and other things here to boost and document your research!

  • New Hanover County Cemetery Links

  • Census Records

  • New Hanover County Vital Records
    Where were they born? Where did they die? Here you will find links that contain information for the Register of Deeds, Births, Marriages, Deaths, Obituaries, Wills, and Land Deeds.

  • New Hanover County Patents
    Who invented the Flyswatter or the Tumbling Washing and Rinsing Machine? Find out what your ancestors invented!

  • New Hanover County Miscellaneous Information

  • Maps

  • Church Information and Research
    This link will take you to a page to research Church locations, transcriptions of Church records and where to go to find archives and information on the Church of your choice.

    Families, Places and Photos
    What would we do and where would we be without her wonderful people and places?

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  • Military Links

  • African American Research

  • Families

  • Photos

  • Brickwalls

  • Mystery Pictures
    Do you have pictures that need identifying?

  • New Hanover County Schools
    Learning anyone?

  • Cities and Towns in New Hanover County

  • 1780 Voters List in Wilmington

  • 1758 Households with Taxable Value List in Wilmington

  • Reunions and Genealogical Meeting Notices

  • Glimpses Into The Past
    They used/said/did what???

    Research Helpers
    Here you will find various things to help send you on your way into finding more info on your elusive Lost Souls

  • Colonial Handwriting Samples
    What does that say? I can't read that!

  • Interesting Links These are various links to interesting info to help with your research!

  • The Neighbors

  • North Carolina's Lost Souls Genealogy Project

  • Lost Souls Genealogy Project

  • North Carolina Courthouse Fires
    How many times did that courthouse burn?

  • Genealogy Terms
    What does that word mean?

  • New Hanover County Mailing List
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  • North Carolina National Register of Historic Places

  • New Hanover County Government

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